Photo, it might be time to get your tattoo removed, or changedLose the ink, change the ink, keep some ink! Knowing that you have options is reassuring. If you choose to have your entire tattoo removed, faded for a new tattoo, or just part of the tattoo erased, you need to know what’s involved.


Read the frequently asked questions about having your tattoo removed, watch the videos, look at the photos, it’s your choice.

Your initial consultation with a registered nurse is free of charge.
At this consultation the nurse will discuss with you all the aspects which may affect your treatment, including a medical history, allergies and pain tolerance. The tattoo will be assessed and a photo taken prior to any treatment. The site, age, size and colours of the tattoo will affect the number of treatments required and the cost. You will be provided with an estimate of costs and recommended number of treatments. Should you chose to proceed with treatment once the consultation is complete you will pay for the treatment cost.

Your nurse will also discuss with you and provide instructions on the necessary aftercare. This includes strict sun avoidance, limited physical activity and icing.