Photo of Money - how much does the tattoo removal process cost?Your initial consultation with one of our removalists is free. The initial consultation will take approximately 30 minutes. At this consultation you will be provided with a quote per treatment and an indication of how many treatments you will need. The number of treatments is dependant on the size, colour, location and age of the tattoo. Other factors that may impact on the number of treatments needed are your skin type, scarring or healing history, or any medications you may be on.

Guidelines for tattoo removal costs

  • minimum cost per treatment is $100
  • 5cm x 9cm size tattoo (approximately a business card size) is $200 per treatment
  • 9cm x 10cm size tattoo is $350 per treatment
  • Packages of 4 treatments paid up front attract a 20% discount
  • Full removal may be achieved in 4 to 10 treatments
  • A minimum of 4-6 weeks between treatments is necessary

There is no Medicare rebate for this procedure.